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What you make

What you spend

What you own

What you owe

When it comes to money, having a plan with a few simple steps
will get you where you want to be

How it works
"I can do it in private,
plus my information is confidential..."
"It's realistic"
"I'm doing better than I thought..."
"Life transitions can be scary,
Sum180 helped me move forward..."
"I finally know where I stand"
  • Take the first step

    Once registered, explore your goals with Kickstart, get a Budget, and check out Tips.
  • Start your Sum180 plan

    Gather your info and start your
    Sum180 plan.
  • Get your Next Steps

    Understand what to do next with your money - and how to get it done.
  • Take action

    Build positive momentum by tracking your progress on your Next Steps.
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Your Plan
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Your Next Steps
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Unlimited updates
Access to consultation $99/half hour

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Your Plan
Included half hour consultation
Additional consultation available at $99/half hour


As a member, you may access tools like our Spending Tracker, and discover saving strategies that are working for others in our community.

You may also explore possible Next Steps in your Sum180 journey - learn why each step is important, how to get help, and what you need to know to get it done.
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