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Community Guidelines

Welcome! The Sum180 community is intended to be a safe place for members to ask questions and share experiences and insights as they move towards their financial goals. We hope you will join us to share your triumphs or to vent; to give and get encouragement, to laugh, or to discuss any aspect of your financial picture.

Participation in the Sum180 community is governed by the Terms of Use. In addition to all of the terms outlined therein, and in order to maintain a friendly, supportive environment in which Sum180 members can come together, we have established the Community Guidelines below. If you have any questions about these guidelines or our community in general, please send a message to info@Sum180.com.

Sum180’s Responsibilities

Fostering a safe, friendly environment for community engagement. To protect the safe and friendly atmosphere of our community, Sum180 community managers read every post and comment made in the forums. If we see something that we believe violates our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, we will review the situation and take appropriate action. This may include removing postings, warning members, or disabling accounts. Please rest assured that we will always make these decisions thoughtfully and responsibly. Our members are our number one concern; however, Sum180 has the final say on what is permissible under these Guidelines and our Terms of Use.

A commitment to transparency and free and open discussion. Please note that Sum180 will not delete or edit a post or comment unless it violates our Guidelines or Terms of Use. For example, members are free to post both positive and negative feedback in our forums without editing or interference from Sum180. We value all your input. Sum180 staff listens carefully to all the feedback we receive (through the forums and elsewhere) and we apply it to our ongoing efforts to make Sum180 the best it can be.

The non-interference rule applies to Sum180 Ambassadors as well. Sum180 Ambassadors are paid by Sum180 to engage with you and share their insights as experienced Sum180 subscribers, but Sum180 does not control or edit what Ambassadors post. As part of our commitment to transparency, Sum180 Ambassadors and other paid members of the community will always be clearly identified as such in their profiles.

Removal of references to investment advice, investment advisory services, investment performace and other related comments or references from Sum180 community. Because we are not investment advisors and do not offer specific investment advice or recommendations to individuals, and because we want to ensure that at no time should any user, Member or client infer that specific investment advice is being given, we will remove all references to investment advice, investment advisory services, investment performance and other related comments or references from the Sum180 community.

Your Responsibilities

Copyrighted or Trademarked Materials. When sharing content that you do not own yourself, please do not copy and paste the entire article or post. Instead, please share a short excerpt, credit your source, and include a hyperlink whenever possible.

Deleting your posts. Please do not ask us to delete your posts on your behalf. Sum180’s strict policy of non-interference in community conversations means that we may only delete posts that clearly violate our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use.

Your personal information. Be very cautious about sharing personally identifiable information in the forums. Remember, anyone on the Internet can read your posts here. Never share information about your accounts on Sum180 or elsewhere, your passwords, or your Social Security number. To protect your privacy while sharing your questions and experiences, you may use a display name and member photo unrelated to your real identity.

Financial advice. We want you to freely exchange stories and advice in the forums regarding what works for you as you move towards your financial goals. However, please keep in mind that advice from other community members is not endorsed by Sum180. Also, please don’t ask Sum180 staff or Sum180 financial advisers to give you personalized financial advice in the forums. Our staff will share generally applicable tips and insights and will answer questions about how Sum180 service works, but if you need personalized financial advice, please use the Sum180 subscription service or schedule a consultation with a financial adviser.

Personal attacks and abusive language. When you wish to share a perspective that differs from another member’s (and we hope you will!), please do so respectfully and constructively. We encourage debate, but our primary goal in this community is to learn from and support one another – not to “win” arguments. Personal attacks, abusive language, and antagonistic or disrespectful behavior (including slurs, hate speech, and attacks aimed at any race, color, religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation) will not be tolerated and will be deleted.

Graphic photos or videos. Do not share sexually explicit, violent, or offensive photos or videos in the forums. Offensive or pornographic materials will be deleted.

Solicitations and promotions or ads. Don't ask other members for help in the form of money, gifts, or donations. You may post about your favorite charity, non-profit organizations, etc. , but it is not acceptable to ask another member for money, goods, or services. Similarly, do not spam community conversations with ads or links to your business. Mentioning your work when it is relevant to a conversation is fine, but unrelated promotions will be removed. You are welcome to include links to your professional website on your member profile page.

Phishing and other scams. Phishing, pyramid schemes and cash gifting scams are illegal. Posting information about these schemes anywhere on Sum180 is prohibited. Any such posts will be deleted.

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